Lighting that improves worksite safety

Nemalux LED lighting fixtures, which utilize solid state technology, are well-suited for demanding applications, as they offer explosion-proof and hazardous location-rated illumination options.

MR Series

MR is a versatile, hazardous location-rated LED luminaire designed for industrial applications. It features lightweight, low-profile aluminum housing for ease of installation and a high-efficiency optical design for improved illumination.

GS Series

Nemalux GS lights are compact and durable. Designed as a hazardous location strip light, the GS is a great option for enclosures. All variants are factory sealed and supplied with a 3ft flying lead. Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.


The compact design of the CANLED provides illumination options for unique applications. Customers in the food and beverage industries deploy the CANLED as a sight-glass light.

XR Series

The XR is a versatile LED fixture designed for applications in extreme environments. Thermal load separation permits use in high ambient temperature locations. Lightweight and low-profile aluminum housing for ease of installation.

BL Series

BL light fixtures are industrial grade, lightweight, and suitable for challenging applications. Designed to replace vapor-tight fluorescent lights in industrial, marine, and hazardous locations. 7 versatile mounting options expand deployment locations for this product.


XCANLEDs provide illumination options for unique applications. Oil and Gas customers have used the XCANLED for wide-ranging applications for over a decade. The ability to operate on 12 or 24 Volt DC allows use in areas where industrial power and equipment are present.

AR Series

Nemalux's AR is a versatile light fixture for harsh and hazardous location use. With a high lumen output package, the AR delivers exceptional illumination. This fixture is capable of long-term exposure to contaminated environments. Rigorous cleaning routines do not impact the AR housing and lens.

NL Series

Nemalux NL fixtures are durable and robust linear luminaires. Designed to replace fluorescent fixtures in industrial and tunnel applications. The NL is available in 2' and 4' lengths and can be surface-mounted or suspended from a ceiling.

LS Series

The streamlined body allows for easier routing and pulling around obstacles. While the durable powder-coated finish stands up to the rigors of daily use. The LS has an ingress protection rating of IP66/67.

ZLM Series

Nemalux’s ZLM is a modular LED luminaire designed for mounting heights of 30 to 160 feet. Featuring one of the best lumens per-pound ratios in the outdoor lighting segment.

EXC Series

EXCs are one of the smallest explosion proof LED light fixtures on the market. They are suitable for installation in confined areas needing a low-profile solution. The EXC provides illumination for dangerous workplaces to keep operators safe.

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