LED Lighting

LED lighting is the lighting of the future. These bulbs are compact, easy to install, long lasting and low maintenance. They offer considerable energy savings and a remarkable reduction in costs.

High Bay 4 Pin

Ideal for warehouses with high ceilings as well as for installations where uniform and efficient lighting is required.

High Bay 2 Pin

They are quite suitable for all types of projects that require optimized lighting in high ceiling applications.

Linear High Bay

The perfect solution for any large indoor workspace with high ceilings from 12 to 40 feet in height.

UFO High Bay

Ideal for any application such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, sports arenas, and other large high ceiling indoor applications.

Strip Low Bay

Excellent for indoor application such as warehouses, commercial building, grocery stores and retail work areas.


The new generation of LED panels offers an optimal alternative to your traditional fluorescent fixtures.


Suitable for all outdoor applications, such as parking lot lighting, street lighting, stadium lighting, and more.

Flood Light

Flood Lights gives you a more high-intensity light to secure the parking lots, pathways, streets and intersections.

Wall Pack

It is the ideal solution for building perimeter applications, surroundings, exterior walls and parking lots.


Explosion-proof floodlights are designed for installation in hazardous areas.


Ideal for tunnels, indoor parking lots, storage spaces, security entrances and corridors.


Flexible tapes provide a programmable, dimmable light source in white, RGB or pastels.

All our products are certified

LED Custom Lighting

Lumitech Solutions specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality LED lighting products. We have built a strong network of trusted partners to bring you the most innovative lighting solutions on the market at competitive prices.

T8 Dimming Integrated Light

Replaces T5 or T8 Fluorescent Fixtures

T5 Dimming Integrated Light

Enjoy Hassle-Free, Safe and Easy Installation

Premium Vapor Fixture

Dust-Proof, Waterproof and Impact Resistant

Linear Strip Light

Address Virtually Any Indoor Lighting Need

T-Proof Light

Extremely Safe Lighting in Various Situations

Mini T-Proof Light

Economic Solution for Led T-Proof Light

Plastic T8 Light

High Quality Plastic Housing

Premium S-Light (I)

Great Performance, Reasonable Cost

Premium D-Light (I)

Replaces Traditional Fluorescent Fixtures

Premium D-Light (II)

Double Tube Design, Elegant Appearence

T8 Premium S-Light

Classical Integrative Design

Cabinet Light

High Lumen Output, Smooth Illumination

T8 Cooler Light

Best Solutions for Freezer, Cooler

Premium Batten (I)

Elegant Design, Unique Light

Premium Batten (II)

Superior Quality Lighting

Let’s Talk About Your Lighting Project

Let us advise you on the options available to your business according to your budget in order to solve all your lighting needs.